Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Turkey- round 2

Yay, so after Bulgaria we were off to Turkey! We have left Eastern Europe, finally!!!!! We spent the first few days in Instanbul with an amazing couple who's mom cooked us yummy Turkish food. Then we took an 11 hour bus ride to Amasya where we hiked around and enjoyed the mountain air (and a huge wind storm, along with no hot water). Since everywhere in Turkey is reached by a 10-12 hours bus ride we headed next to the region of Cappadocia on a 10 hour bus ride. There we stayed in the town of Urgup with a nice turkish guy who happened to be a travel agent and guide and helped us plan our few days there- which included a hot air balloon ride. From there we took a 12 hour us trip back to Istanbul for our flight to Israel. Originaly Israel wasn't in our itinerary but after researching flights we found it would be cheaper to fly to Tel Aviv and then take a bus to Jordan.

The Blue Mosque, Istanbul.

The Aya Sofia, Istanbul.

The mountains in Amasya.

The old Ottoman house in Amasya.


Lift off.

Sharon and I.

My certificate I recieved after the balloon ride.

Our Thanksgiving dinner in the Istanbul airport.